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Spring Plant Sale 2022 - The Details

 Spring Plant Sale 2022

Hello Garden friends!

I'm sending out an email too with my spring plan. If you don't receive it by the end of March please send me a message to make sure I have your email address on my list! That's how you'll get my address, too.

Below is a list of what I'm working on for my April sale on Sunday the 24th. ONE DAY ONLY. No reservations. Cash only, please. Check out the list, pick out the ones you're interested in and plan to stop by.  

So get your garden spaces ready then shop all the other spring plant sales in March and early April to get most of you garden filled. Then... come see me for a few more!  I'll definitely have a few things not on the list, too. Some flowers, herbs, native plants, maybe some squash, melons or cukes. Who knows, you'll have to come to find out. I'll definitely have some pepper plants, tomato plants and eggplants! 

Hope to see you in April!


PS Pardon any errors below! I cut and pasted from my google doc and it was a mess. I tried my best to make it presentable but I'd rather be in the garden and greenhouse.

Determinate Tomato Varieties

(Organized by size)

Orange Hat (cherry/small)

(Micro Dwarf Determinate) New micro tomato! Extra dwarf bush plants reach just 6-9 inches

in height but the plants are wildly prolific, offering oodles of tiny orange orbs that burst with

fruity sweet flavor. This is the perfect indoor or patio tomato, comfortably fitting in a 6-inch pot.

Try these colorful and compact plants as an edible ornamental, mass planted in beds or

borders or in mixed containers.

Tiny Tim (cherry/small)

(Dwarf Determinate) Heirloom. Tiny Tim cherry tomato seeds are easy to grow and produce

unique dwarf plants that work very well in small containers, window boxes, hanging baskets

and small garden spaces. As a potted plant, Tiny Tim Tomato seeds may be grown at any

time of the year and is a mid-season producer for fruit. A great centre-piece and point of

interest in any garden, Tiny Tim cherry plants yield masses of sweet/tart scarlet miniature

cherry tomatoes about 2 cm (1") in diameter. A perfect salad or snacking tomato! Tiny Tim

tomato plants grown in optimum conditions will produce incredible yields of miniature fruit that

often outweigh the plant 3:1.

Brandywine Cherry (cherry/small)

(Determinate) Brandywine Cherry tomato is a compact, determinate variety well suited for growing

in containers. Seeds produce early-maturing plants with a heavy yield of flavorful bite-size fruit.

Flavor of a Brandywine slicer in a cherry sized tomato! Cute little dark pink cherry type fruit, round, slightly flattened, ranging in size from 1”-1 ½”. Juicy, with that sharp and complex Brandywine

flavor. Potato leaf plants.

Gold Nugget (cherry/small)

(Determinate) Plant height 2-3 feet. Bright yellow cherries produce early and abundantly on

compact plants. One inch fruits are juicy and mild. Skin is thin, yet resistant to cracking.

Goldie (cherry/small)


This Goldie Tomato is a determinate tomato with high-yielding yellow plum fruits. Exceptionally

flavored fruit on compact plants makes this tomato an exciting new variety to offer. 

Principe Borghese (cherry/small)

(Determinate) 1 oz. Italian heirloom bred for sun drying this low-moisture variety maintains more

flavor when dried than do other varieties. Slightly oval, 1 oz fruits. Prized in Italian cooking when reconstituted in olive oil, they can also be crushed into small flakes to quickly thicken a thin sauce

while adding a rich tomato flavor. In the Tuscany region of Italy, racks of these small, 1 x 2 inch

fragrant tomatoes fill backyards, to be dried and used in winter sauces and cooking. Can be stored well into the fall without drying. Bushy plants need support due to the heavy yields.

Floradade  (medium)

(Determinate) 5-7 oz. The Floradade Tomato is a delicious, bright red variety that has a great

ability to withstand heat and produce high yields! This variety was introduced by the University of

Florida in 1976. This tomato plant produces smooth, 5-7 ounce sized tomatoes with slightly deep

globes that have red with green shoulders.  The Floradade tomato can withstand temperatures

exceeding 95°F.  Adapts really well to humid and dry areas. 

Granny’s Choice (medium)

This determinate tomato is excellent for container growers. A delicious, classic slicer tomato on a

compact, stocky plant! It produces smooth round red fruits with fabulous flavor.

Pineapple Rose (medium)

(Determinate) 5 oz. Pineapple Rose tomato is a determinate variety with delicious Pineapple tomato flavor.

High-yielding with 5-ounce yellow-orange fruits having slightly pleated, purplish shoulders. 

Silvery Fir Tree (medium)

(Determinate)  4 to 6 oz. This very unusual dwarf plant has delicate, lacy leaves that have a silvery

sheen. Not only does this plant add great ornamental interest to your garden, it also bears very

flavorful, tangy tasting flattened red tomatoes that mature quite early. Allow tomatoes to ripen

on vine as you see their skin will start to turn from dull to glossy when ready to harvest. Traditional

Russian variety with distinctive carrot-like silvery-gray foliage on compact 24" plants. Heavy

crops of round, slightly flattened 3-3½" red fruits. Unique decorative variety that is a real eye-catcher.

Does well in hanging baskets or on patios.

Homestead  (large)

(Semi-Determinate) 8-12 oz.  Homestead Tomato is an extremely heat-tolerant , heirloom variety

developed by the University of Florida and released in the 1950's. Will set fruit in high-heat,

high-humidity areas. Bred to withstand extreme temperatures and continue to set fruit into the

summer months. Fruits are large, meaty and average 8 ounces. Homestead is a determinate variety

that will provide a concentrated fruit set for large harvests in a small production window. Plants have

large, dense vines that help to protect fruits from the sun. Fruits are resistant to cracking and hold

well on the vine prior to harvesting. This is a great variety for making sauces, canning and preserving.

Summer Sweet Gold Dwarf (large/beefsteak)

(Dwarf Indeterminate) 6-18 oz. Dwarf (tree-type) plants with rugose potato leaf foliage produce very high yields of large, meaty, light-yellow beefsteak fruits, some with pinkish blush at the blossom

end. Outstanding sweet and full flavors. One of the best flavored of all of the dwarf tomatoes.

Rio Grande (processing type)

(Determinate) 3-6 oz. Rio Grande produces large, meaty, pear shaped, red fruits, excellent for

sauces, purees and juicing. Plant adapted very well to extreme temperatures. Good disease

resistance. It is a determinate plant and can be grown in a cage, allowed to sprawl, or trellised.

Roma (processing type)

(Determinate) 3-4 oz. Plant produces heavy yields of 3" long red plum shaped tomatoes. Tomatoes

are flavorful and have very few seeds. One of the most popular varieties for paste, sauce, ketchup,

and canning. 

Indeterminate Tomato Varieties

(Organized by size)

Black Cherry (cherry/small)

(Indeterminate) Beautiful black cherries look like large, dusky purple-brown grapes. Fruits grow to

1 inch. They have that rich flavor that makes black tomatoes famous. Large vines yield very well;

very unique and delicious.

Mexico Midget (cherry/small)

(Indeterminate) Old-time, south-of-the-border favorite that continues to prove its value as a salad tomato. Tiny, red, cherry-type fruits weigh down trusses with prolific yields throughout an

extended growing season. Round 1/2" fruits explode with irresistible flavor. Very reliable.

Sungold (cherry/small)

(Indeterminate) 1 oz., Exceptionally sweet, 1 ¼ “ cherry tomatoes leave everyone begging for more.

Vigorous plants start yielding early and bear right through the season. The bright apricot-orange

round globes are 1 ¼ inches across and are borne on long, 10–15 fruit, grape-like trusses Tendency

to split precludes shipping, making these an exclusively fresh-market treat. The taste can't be beat.

Wild Everglades (cherry/small)


(Indeterminate) Also known as the "Wild Florida Everglades," 'Everglades' produces a small, currant-type fruit that can be best described as providing huge flavor in a tiny package.

The regular leaf plants are vigorous, sprawling, very productive, drought and heat tolerant,

and pest resistant.


Paul Robeson (medium)

(Indeterminate) 6-oz. Like other so-called black tomatoes the fruit is more of a dusky dark redwith dusky dark green shoulders. 2 x 4-5 in., borne two to a cluster. Excellent flavor. 

Sweet Chocolate (medium)


(Indeterminate) 2.5 oz.Somewhere between a cherry size and medium sized tomato. This variety is loaded with sweetly flavored, chocolate-colored, fruit clusters. A firm tomato with a good shelf life.

Creole (large)

(Indeterminate) 8-12 oz For gardeners and cooks in Louisiana, summer is not summer without Creole tomatoes. Although relatively late to ripen, those loyal to Creole tomatoes are willing to wait. Creole tomatoes can tolerate heat and humidity, ripening into a meatier-than-average tomato with outstanding flavor. Developed at LSU for warm, humid areas, the indeterminate vines delight gardeners with high yields of juicy fruit that resists cracking. Vines are vigorous, so use tall cages.

OTV Brandywine (large)

(Indeterminate) Averaging 12 oz. One of the best Brandywine strains. Smooth, creamy, almost buttery texture, and harmonious sweet flavor. Fruits are a rich red color with an orange undertone. Produces a large percentage of usable attractive tomatoes,

relatively free of defects, Excellent potato leaf foliage cover. 6-8 ft. tall plants. The most productive and heat-tolerant Brandywine. A must for every tomato lover. 

Cherokee Purple (large)

(Indeterminate)  8-20 oz. The Cherokee Purple is an old heirloom tomato that has an outstanding

flavor. This tomato dates back to pre-1890 and is recognized as an old Cherokee Indian heirloom

that originated in Tennessee. This variety has a semi-meaty flesh with an average seed/flesh ratio.

The Cherokee Purple offers some of the best flavor with an earthy-sweet, rich taste that is delicious

eaten raw. This tomato has a beautiful purple skin with a slight pinkish-red hue. This plant produces

large vines with large beefsteak fruits that average. The Cherokee Purple is an indeterminate tomato

that will keep producing all summer long and into the first frost in fall time.

Costoluto Fiorentino (large)

(Indeterminate)  8-12 oz. [Italian heirloom from the Tuscany region.] One of the most heat tolerant and productive varieties in a 2011 U. of Georgia trial. Also did well in Virginia in 2013’s cool, wet summer. red, deeply lobed fruits. Richly flavorful for sauces and stuffers, or just slice them up! Costoluto refers to the distinct flattened, heavily-ribbed shape of various Italian heirlooms. This gorgeous selection comes from Florence. Early maturity of brilliant red, 4 inch wide by 1 ½ inch tall tomatoes. Fruits are juicy and flavorful for slicing but really shine when slow-roasted or cooked down into a rich sauce. Perform well in both hot and cooler climates.

Berkeley Tie Dye (large)

(Indeterminate) 8-16 oz. fruit. Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato Seeds produces large indeterminate plants that bear the most STUNNING colors. Regular leaf plants. Green fruit with yellow and red stripes. Creamy green flesh infused with various shades of red and yellow. Each of these colors has a different flavor resulting in a spicy, sweet, tart tomato with good acid all in one.

Mild to Hot Peppers

Numex Big Jim Chili  

(SHU: 2,500 – 3,000 avg. 2,750 SHU) New Mexican peppers are often big-bodied.

From Anaheim peppers to Hatch chilies they are meaty and thick. But none hold a

candle to the likes of the NuMex Big Jim. It’s the giant of the pepper world topping

out at a foot long, eclipsing its New Mexican cousins as well as other giant chilies like the cowherd pepper. Yet, while it’s big in size, it isn’t big on heat – topping out like a

mild jalapeño in spiciness (2,500 to 3,000 Scoville heat units) with a delicious fresh

flavor. The size, heat, and flavor all make the NuMex Big Jim a great option for stuffed

peppers and chili rellenos recipes. Plant height is 16”-26” tall.


(SHU: 500 – 2,500 avg. 1,500 SHU) Mildly hot, 6" long green peppers are

born on vigorous, upright, bushy 18-24" tall plants. The pendant, dark green

fruits have thick walls that are excellent for stuffing, roasting, smoking, or frying

and will mature to dark red if left on the plant. Less hot than a Jalapeno at

100-500 SHUs. In a warm climate, the plants will bear continuously over a long

period, with good foliage cover to protect the fruits. The fruits are two-celled with an appealing, crisp, crunchy texture. Anaheim makes a good, very mild substitute

for Ancho in chile relleno recipes.


(SHU: 1,000 – 1,500 avg. 1,250 SHU) Called poblano as a fresh, green pepper,

and ancho as a dried pepper. Mildly hot. It is sweet, but with enough spicy bite to

be in the hot pepper category. The pepper for chilies rellenos and mole sauces.

One of the most popular chilies. It can be substituted in any dish for bell peppers.

The green, 3"-6" poblano is most often grilled or stuffed with cheese or meat for chiles

rellenos. The dark, reddish-brown dried ancho is most often used for chile powder.

It is really easy to make your own by drying strips of Poblano in a fruit drier and grinding

them up when completely dry in a coffee grinder.  

El Jefe Jalapeno 

(SHU: 2,500 – 8,000 avg. 5,250 SHU) Fruits avg. 3 1/2-4". Fruit is dark green with thick

walls, a small cavity and has a cylindrical shape. Matures to red. They can be harvested early or allowed to check (small cracks in skin). The fruit from this variety are very dark green and glossy,

large to extra large in size, pungent, and have minimal cracking and purpling. Large plants. 


Do you love the flavor and appearance of jalapeños but can’t take their heat? Then ‘Nadapeno’

is for you! Attractive fruits grow 3"" long and ripen from green to red. Bred by A. P. Whaley Seed

Company, these sturdy plants produce heavy yields and require no gloves for processing.

Fish Pepper 

(SHU: 5,000 – 30,000 avg. 17,500 SHU) There are few peppers as beautiful, and as rare,

as the fish pepper. Along with its lovely flowering plant, the fish pepper follows one of the most unique coloration paths (among chilies) while maturing. With a heat that’s capable of topping

a serrano (a range from 5,000 to 30,000 Scoville heat units), the fish pepper was a favorite

during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Baltimore and the mid-Atlantic states, spicing

up crabs and fish dishes in particular.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Eros (Snack Size)

Early golden yellow mini bell. The perfect partner to Cupid, Eros's slightly tapered fruits are the same

snack size, avg. 2" x 1 3/4", with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor. The large, sturdy, and leafy plants protect the fruits from sun scald.

Cupid (Snack Size)


Early, sweet, mini bell. Fruits are blocky to slightly pointed, snack size, avg. 2" X 1 3/4", and are

particularly sweet when red. Large, well-branched plants protect the fruits from sun scald.

Candy Cane (Snack Size)

Distinctive variegated foliage sets this plant apart from all of the others. The boldly striped,

snack-sized peppers are one of the sweetest we have ever trialed. Uncommon fruits start

off with bands of light and dark green, later developing the red giving it the ‘candy cane’

appearance, edible at any stage. Exceptionally crisp, elongated fruits grow to 3-5 inches.

Unbelievably yummy right off the plant.

Golden California Wonder Bell

Golden version of the red California Wonder. 22-26"H sturdy, upright plants. Smooth, blocky

and blunt ended 5"x4" fruits are thick-walled, very sweet and mild. Maturing from light green

to golden yellow. Continuous set. Ideal for stuffing, slicing into rings for dips and salad toppings,

and chopping into crisp bite-sized nibbles.

Other Sweet Peppers

Golden Marconi

Looking for a pepper with a gentle, fruity sweetness and crunchy texture in your meals? The Marconi Gold Pepper is the perfect pepper to fry, stuff, roast, to eat fresh, and to add to your salad.  As an Italian heirloom, these peppers grow to around six inches long and 2 and a half inches wide, identical to the Purple and Red Marconi Peppers.  The Golden Marconi Peppers mature from light green to golden yellow and will stay sweet during all stages.  With its fruity flavor, you have to give this pepper a try!

Sweet Banana

(SHU: 0 – 500 avg. 250 SHU) This Hungarian heirloom from 1941 is the traditional pickling type. It is very long, bright yellow, and thick walled. Not a pickler? Enjoy it fresh as a snack or in salads,

throw it on the grill, or use in any recipe calling for sweet pepper. Peppers will turn to a orange-red

if left on the plant. A good short-season choice and successful in containers.

Jimmy Nardello 

(SHU: 0 – 100) It is sweet, almost fruity, and stands up in cooking. It almost replaces the need for

bell peppers as they are much less fussy to grow. For those who like the flavor of peppers without

the heat, this is a must-have! Traditional Italian pepper typically used them for frying. Jimmy Nardello’s has consistently been one of the first peppers in trials to ripen, beginning green and

ripening to red. The long, slender fruit will easily reach 6–9 inches. Super productive,

disease-resistant plants.


Ping Tung Long


Easy-to-grow Asian eggplants are long and slender with tender magenta skin.  Productive plants

yield up to 20 fruits each and are vigorous and stress tolerant. Slim fruits average 1-2" wide;

plants should be staked for straight fruit.  No peeling required. Compact habit. Excellent for

containers. 12-14" fruit.

Black Beauty  

Black Beauty is a popular heirloom variety of eggplant with big yields! The bushy spreading plants

grow up to 30" tall and hold their purplish-black oval fruit well off the ground. This top-notch fruit

averages 2 pounds, holds well, and retains good color.

Little Fingers

The Little Finger eggplants are slender, petite eggplants that grow in clusters on sturdy, compact

plants. This eggplant has a dark purple skin and is thin and tender with a silky flesh. This variety

produces few seeds and a mildly sweet flavor. Harvest when the eggplant is young and glossy.

Little Finger is a great variety for container growing and requires very little cooking time since

it is so tender.They are excellent for grilling. 


White Beauty 

6 in. long fruits, 2-3 in. diameter, good flavor. Hardy and productive for the South and other hot,

humid areas. This variety does well in hot, humid areas. Creamy dense flesh with sweet flavor. 

3 ft. plants. Some variability in fruit shape.

Little Prince

Perfect for containers or small space gardens, compact Little Prince produces an abundance of

glossy, 3 to 4 inch oval fruits borne in shiny clusters on pretty plants with velvety leaves and

lavender blossoms. The sturdy plant loads up with small oval/egg shaped fruit, usually in clusters of 2 or 3. It is one of many Indian eggplant types great to stuff and/or pickle.

Louisiana Green Oval 

This productive variety bears large, green, and oval-shaped fruit with an excellent, sweet flavor.

Fruits are borne singly, have faint purple stripes, and mature in color from green to yellow. Mature

plants reach 1.5-2' tall and bear fruits that grow 5-7" long and 3-4" wide and weigh 11-15 ounces.

Tomatillos - VARIETIES

 De Milpa Tomatillo  

Vigorous variety with fruits just under 1" diameter, mostly purple, some green. Stronger, sharper

flavor than most tomatillos, the preferred variety for some Mexican dishes.

Dr. Wyche’s Yellow Tomatillo

This variety goes a little crazy with vibrant purple and yellow fruits! Dr. Wyche’s Yellow Tomatillo

is a great selection for fresh or cooked green salsas, adding a citrus splash in a 1-1/2-in. package.

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